360 photos for your site

360° cameras have been around for 5 years, and yet most people have never seen one. The first 360 camera was launched by Ricoh in 2013 and since then, there have been dozens of 360 cameras released with 2 fisheye lenses mounted back-to-back. Brands like Nikon, Garmin, Samsung and LG have produced their own, but they’re not even the ones that take the best 360 photos.

There are ones by brands that you probably haven’t heard of, like Yi, MADV, Kandao. Strategy Analytics estimated that the annual global sales of 360 cameras was 670,000 units in 2016, and forecast to be 3.04 million units in 2018 (Yonhap via KH)

There are over 430,000 #tinyplanet photos on Instagram, but no one seems to realise that they can make money from those photos. We live in a golden age of 360 photography where there are millions of 360 cameras around the world, but the average person does not know what a 360 camera is.

360 photographers love sharing their content, but it’s often only seen by other 360 photographers. My 360 Shop allows 360 photographers to make money from their hobby and in doing so, increase the awareness of 360 photography outside the 360 community. This will result in greater sales of 360 cameras and further development of the cameras.

My 360 Shop allows 360 photographers to present, accept payment for and deliver 360 photos to their customers. The customer can then utilise the 360 photos – something that is rarely done, as the photos are usually just for the photographers to show off where they have been. The customer can utilise the photos by posting them as 360 photos on Facebook, or embedding the photo on their own site like this one.

The customers of My 360 Shop are mainly hobbyist 360 photographers. These customers love to take 360 photos of their travels. Most of the photos are landscapes or selfies in an amazing setting. They love to make tiny planets from these photos and share them on Instagram. But with this new platform, their clients can make the tiny planets.