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Think tank

You know those cages where thrill-seeking divers sit in shark-infested waters? Well imagine being there with no cage. Now imagine being there with no sharks. And that’s probably where you are right now. A think tank with no thoughts is like a shark cage with no sharks. That’s why we’re here. We’re the sharks, so to speak. And we’ll teach you how to swim out there where the real sharks are!

Free coffee

Fuel for the brain. And ours is good too — on so many levels. Organically grown in the peaks of the Andes by farmers who own their crops, land and their coffee business. You couldn’t get Fairer Trade than that. The ‘green’ beans are then home-roasted by our CEO’s parents and ground fresh for each cup by our qualified in-house barista. We could open a cafe, but all of this is just a part of our exclusive service to you. Because you’re worth it. Always remember that.

Free rides

We know that you’re busy and we’re remote — like the Bat Cave. So to save you time and money, we offer free rides in our client limousine. You heard right. Limousine! Call us, and we’ll come and get you. Then, at then end of the consultation, we’ll drive you home or back to work. We even have complimentary bubbly in our limos, so wherever you have to be next, you can be sure that you’ll arrive happy.

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They really helped me get my thoughts together.

Madeline Hatter maddie@startup.xyz

5 Stars — and there are only 3 people working there.

Grateful Greg greg@somewhere.com

Just what I was looking for

Harry Seeker seeker@quidditch.org